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The company
1981 On 27.11.1981, the Company started operating as a division of Przedsiębiorstwo Zagraniczne DONAU TRADING and its scope of operation included: surface regeneration by means of CASTOLIN welding methods, welding equipment (regulators, blowpipes) regeneration as well as services connected with welding cast iron and aluminium car engine heads.
  1982 In January 1982, the company purchased first lathes for machining operations.
  1982 March 1982 – Proprietary development of own solution for a quick-release coupling for air systems – registration of the utility model in the Patent Office.
  1983 Extending the scope of welding services with mobile Specialist Welding Service Stations.
  1984 Facility renovation and company relocation to Świętochłowice.
1984 Establishing trade cooperation with WITT Gasetechnik, a German manufacturer of safety equipment for gas welding, connected with sales of, e.g. line safety valves, in Poland.
  1985 Extending the assortment with quick-release couplings for technical gases and safety valves.
1994 On 06.07.1994, the Świętochłowice Division of Donau Trading Co. was bought out and transformed into the SAFE TRADING BLACHOWSKI Company.
  2000 Establishing trade cooperation with ZTR Rossmanek GmbH for exclusive sales of pneumatic system elements.
2001 On 27.08.2001, the company obtained certificates authorising it to mark the following products: quick-release couplings, safety valves and coupling cut-out systems with the "B" safety mark.
2002 Obtaining the Quality Management System Certificate for: manufacturing, trading and servicing safety fittings for gas welding and pneumatic system elements.
  2004 On 14.03.2004, we purchased our first numerically controlled machine tool.
2006 On 02.03.2006, on the basis of the provisions of the Act of 6 April 1984 on foundations, in cooperation with our company, a notarial deed was signed to establish the "PRZYJAZNY ŚLĄSK" foundation whose objectives include: activities connected with social assistance, health protection and promotion and activities for the benefit of the disabled.
  2007 Commencing activity in the general construction field, specialisation within the following scope: wall and floor sealing systems, preservation, conservation and repairs of concrete surfaces and walls, injections, roofing installation, anti-corrosion protection for steel structures using the NOXYDE system.
2009 Extension of assortment of machining services.
2009 Commencement of operation in the road aggregate manufacturing field (red-burnt shale). Rehabilitation and recultivation of mine waste dumps.
2010 On 2010, our company started production of line safety valves for distribution installations, gas intake points and process pipelines.